Position reports to: Head of Institution / CEO

As an Educator at Furless Beauty Institute, your primary responsibilities would include designing and delivering
comprehensive beauty education programs. This involves creating engaging lesson plans, conducting theoretical
and practical training sessions, and providing constructive feedback to students. You’ll stay updated on industry
trends, techniques, and products to ensure international curriculum relevance. Collaborating with colleagues to
enhance the learning environment and assessing student progress would also be essential. Strong
communication and interpersonal skills are crucial for fostering a positive and inclusive educational experience.
As a Beauty Educator, you will play a crucial role in delivering world-class beauty education to our students.

1. Develop and implement comprehensive beauty education programs, ensuring alignment with international
standards set by CIBTAC, ITEC, and CIDESCO.
2. Design engaging lesson plans, incorporating theoretical knowledge, practical demonstrations, and hands-on
3. Stay abreast of global beauty industry trends, techniques, and products to ensure curriculum relevance and
international competitiveness.
4. Conduct effective classroom management, fostering an inclusive and culturally diverse learning environment.
5. Provide constructive feedback and guidance to students, emphasizing the importance of meeting
international industry standards.
6. Collaborate with fellow educators to enhance curriculum coherence, sharing insights gained from
international qualifications.
7. Assess student progress through evaluations and examinations, maintaining accurate records of individual
8. Participate in professional development activities to stay current with international educational
methodologies and industry advancements.
9. Actively contribute to institute events, workshops, and initiatives that showcase our commitment to global
beauty education standards.
10. Cultivate a supportive atmosphere that encourages students to achieve excellence in line with international

1. International certifications from recognized bodies such as CIBTAC, ITEC, or CIDESCO.
2. Proven experience as a Beauty Educator or in a related role within the international beauty industry.
3. Strong knowledge of global beauty industry standards, trends, and techniques.
4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, embracing cultural diversity.
5. Ability to adapt teaching methods to accommodate diverse international learning styles.
6. Passion for fostering an inclusive learning environment that meets international standards.
7. Organizational and time-management skills with attention to detail.
8. Continuous commitment to professional development, ensuring awareness of global industry advancements.


● Student success and pass rate
● Student attendance rate
● Student satisfaction rate
Join Furless Beauty Institute and contribute to the success of our beauty education programs. If you possess
international qualifications and a dedication to excellence in beauty education, we invite you to apply and be an
integral part of our internationally recognized educational community.